When Google introduced YouTube Music everyone was scratching their heads wondering where it was meant to fit in to the whole Google music ecosystem. Slowly but surely it has become apparent that Google plan on replacing Google Play Music with YouTube Music and today it took one more step towards this eventuality.

YouTube Music has been lacking in a lot of the functionality that Google Play Music has but Google have been adding in required pieces bit by bit. Today we find that the latest update to YouTube Music has introduced Android Auto support moving it closer to being able to replace Google Play Music.

The new interface on Android Auto for YouTube Music gives the user five options within the settings – Your Mixtape, Recommended, Last Played, Library, and Downloads. The library option has playlists you have created yourself, recommended has playlists based on your listening history, and in the downloads tab you will find your Offline Mixtapes as well as any music that you have downloaded.

Of course the Android Auto support is also available on Android Auto on phones with the same options available.

Android Auto support is available on YouTube Music version 3.03 and above. Keep an eye out for the update if you don’t already have it. Of course you can always grab the apk file from APKMirror for those who, like me, are too impatient to wait.

Has anyone here already made the switch to YouTube Music from Google Play Music? What is stopping you from making that switch?

Source: XDA.
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I also agree with the Andrews, and Chris; the music recommendations in YTM are better than that of GPM, and I use YT every day so I’d be happy to seek all my media comforts from the same app, but not until the option to transfer all the playlists and libraries I’ve spent so much time curating in GPM is available.


People saying youtube is a video platform, get over it already, now it’s got a music sibling.
Will be nice when the queue can be seen in yt music in android auto.
I’ve found the new music recommendations in Yt music are better than those in GPM, so am glad to see this feature in Android Auto too.


I never understood the whole YouTube Music thing as YouTube is a video platform. Since then I’ve been surpirsed just how many people I know use YouTube to listen to music, it’s just strange if you ask me. I’ve tried YTM and genuinely like it, the AR selecting the next song is much better than Spotify.

Andrew no3

I agree with the other Andrews, it needs the library I’ve uploaded to GPM from old CDs and iTunes purchases, as well as all existing functionality like playlists transferred across before I’d consider using it. Also it’s weird to use a video player for a music app so here’s hoping it never happens

Andrew no2

Yep,agree with Andrew above,still waiting for my GPM library and downloaded music to be incorporated with YouTube music,still great to have android auto at long last


Migration plan of moving all my playlists, saved albums and 30GB+ of downloads on Play Music to YouTube Music? Only then that means “replacing play music”.

Mick Logan

YouTube Music definitely has the better controls and interface. But no gapless playback is a criminal error by Google. Even better would be crossfade playback when on playlists and shuffling (which can be don’t on Spotify). U til then YTM is no good.


This seems crazy. YouTube, to means video. So when I hear YouTube Music, I think music videos. Except, it isn’t. 😕🤔