Like many manufacturers, HMD Global has announced a number of mobiles at MWC 2019. The new Nokia 1 Plus (not to be confused with OnePlus) is an option for the budget conscious consumer for both specs and price.

For users of the Nokia 1, the design and feel of the 1 Plus will be comfortable and familiar, in line with the company’s “step up with Nokia” slogan.

The basic specs see an 18:9 ratio 5.45-inch WVGA display in a slim design body, available in Blue, Black or Red. It’s running Android 9.0 Pie Go Edition, a slimmed down version of the OS giving users more available storage out of the box and better life from the 2500mAh battery.

HMD is offering two models, one with 8GB storage, the other with 16GB storage and both have a simple 5MP front facing camera. HMD notes that the device is a combination of quality, toughness, durability all of which are admirable traits to offer in a budget based device.

An important point of note for the recently released Nokia phones from HMD Global is their ongoing commitment to OS updates. This is demonstrated with nine of their phones already on Android Pie and continued monthly updates which will continue to flow throughout the product range.

All of this is happening at a cost of $99, which makes it extremely affordable as a second device or potentially an entry point into the smartphone market for users who resist it due to the perceived high cost of entry.

When it comes to entry level phones, what do you look for in the specs to make it a worthwhile investment?

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