After a few leaks, we’re widely expecting Huawei to announce a new foldable 5G handset at MWC 2019. After a worker leaked the clearest image we’ve seen yet, we’re wondering what Huawei has left up their collective sleeve for their press announcement later tonight Sydney time.

While we know what to expect visually, it’s the details we don’t yet have, and we’re looking forward to seeing exactly what Huawei has done with the foldable concept. One thing we do know is that Huawei has put the foldable display on the outside, unlike Samsung which has left the folding display inside the fold.

Like us, you’re probably keen to find out too, and fortunately you can watch the press event live and witness it for yourselves.

Huawei’s MWC 2019 press event kicks off at 14:00 CET (which is midnight Sydney time), and the event will be live-streamed on YouTube for those who’d like to stay up to watch one of the more exciting announcements of the show.

If you happen to miss the live stream (and prefer sleep), you can come back and re-watch the announcement here, too.

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Alan Olivier

Hello tech savvys
I have a huawei mate 20 and I would like to know which talking id call announcer app that will actually work on this phone.

Chris Rowland

There appear to be a couple on Google Play, but they don’t seem to pick up the caller ID. That’s a bit strange. Sadly we don’t really use this feature much so we can’t recommend a particular app.