Today at MWC in Barcelona we went hands-on with all the things including the new Galaxy buds, and I have to say I’m impressed. The Galaxy Buds are Samsungs first real foray into a fully wireless Bluetooth earbud that works with all Android devices and clearly they have built what they learned from their Icon X headphones in previous years.

Upon being handed the Galaxy Buds case I was immediately struck by how small they seemed, the beautiful rounded ‘stone’ appearance of the case is only broken by a flat base and the USB C port: yes finally USB charging on earbuds! Not that you’ll need the USB-C port if you’ve got a Qi charger as the Galaxy Bud case includes wireless charging, a first for fully wireless earbuds as far as we can tell.

When you open the case you’re greeted again by what appears to be smaller than a typical set of earbuds. I popped them into my ears and found they fitted snugly, it was almost like they weren’t there at all. I do have to admit I’m used to my fully wireless earbuds dominating my ear canal. As such I was a little worried they would fall out, despite them staying in even with me only testing them with what motion the show floor would allow.

There wasn’t a large variety of music to choose from but what I could listen to on the show floor certainly made me want to test them a little more. The controls were simple and intuitive, with quick access to play pause, Google Assistant / Bixby and the ability to listen to your surrounding environment all via the on-bud buttons.

While we only got to spend a few minutes with the earbuds on the show floor, and it was quite noisy, I’m quietly hopeful that they will be a great set of fully wireless earbuds. We’re hoping to get out hands on a set for a full review in the near future.

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Philip Clark

Can you find out if they support simultaneous pairing to multiple devices, and how many?