Google’s video conferencing tool Duo has gone from strength to strength, and overnight an in-demand new feature has been released – Google Duo is now available on the web.

This means that users can both accept and place calls on the web. You can initiate calls from and once set up, you can also receive calls – you’ll receive a browser notification should someone give you a call.

The setup process is refreshingly simple; sign in with your Google Account, and you’re done. It will use the Duo number most recently linked with that account, and that’s that.

When you access the Duo page, you’ll see all of your accounts who have enabled Google Duo. The list refreshes each time you access the page, so if your friends sign up while you’ve got the page open, just refresh and they’ll show up.

On the web interface, you can make voice or video calls. Click on a contact, choose the kind of call to make, and off it goes. Knock-knock is supported too, and the UI supports both mobile and desktop use.

We’ve tried it out – as you can see in the screenshot above – and it works flawlessly.

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Sounds great, I look forward to trying it.
My main issue is getting people to try Google Duo, most of my family are iPhone users so they prefer to “Facetime”, but I installed the Duo app on my mums phone and she loves video calling me and my child on it.