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One of the real advantages of trade shows like MWC is the ability to connect with companies from across the globe. Recently Meater, makers of a smart cooking thermometer started to retail their successfully crowdsourced device in Australia and we finally got to meet them face to face here in Barcelona.

What is Meater? Apart from a rather clever pun, Meater is a fully wireless Bluetooth smart thermometer for cooking meat and fish. The system is rather elegant in its simplicity and they offer features and functionality that I haven’t seen in other wireless thermometers.

As is often the case when someone redefines a category the team behind Meater got the hardware, software and industrial design just right and that really makes the Meater the best smart thermometer we’ve seen. We’ve been lucky enough to be given a review unit at MWC so we will have a full review of the Meater coming soon, as such we will take just a quick look at the overall features of the device now.

The Meater has 3 components, the thermometer probe, the charge/ radio block and the software. Meater offers 3 devices, the Meater, the Meater + and the Meater Block. The Standard Meater includes the charging case, and the Bluetooth probe. The Meater + model include an upgraded charging case that boosts the Bluetooth signal so your phone can travel further away from the cook without temporarily losing connectivity. The Meater Block includes Wi-Fi for a constant connection to Meter’s cloud monitoring feature.

Using the Meater looks easy and intuitive, you simply insert the probe into the meat, select the right cut from the app, select the desired level of ‘cookedness’, eg medium, medium well etc, and from there you can just get to cooking.

One of the features of the Meater is dual temperature sensors, the probe will monitor both the internal temperature of the meat as well as ambient temperature in the BBQ, Oven, smoker etc. For those cooking using the ‘low and slow’ style of cooking, monitoring the ambient temperature is incredibly important to the overall cooking process, and Meater makes that so easy.

From there you can then go about cooking using whatever method you’re using, when the perfect internal temperature is reached your meat should be cooked exactly as you want it and the app will notify you. For those wanting a little more control over their cook there almost isn’t an aspect of the cook that you can’t program and monitor via the app.

We were excited when we saw the Meater had entered the Australian market, and now we’ve had a brief introduction to the Meater we’re very excited to try it out for ourselves. If you’re already convinced that the Meater Smart Thermometer is something you want, you can grab one from either Barbecues Galore or from Meater’s Australia website.

Duncan Jaffrey   Associate

Duncan Jaffrey

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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Luke Smith
Luke Smith

Also check out Smartfire! It’s built in Melbourne.


Hey Duncan – checkout The Meatstick. I preferred its packaging options and the wifi bridge is more functional (you get the temps and remaining cook time without having to look at the phone), plus their customer service is exceptional: <24 hour response while the others took 7 days to get back to me. Love having truly wireless meat probes, perfect for rotisserie.


I was so excited by this… imagining weekends of glorious grilling punctuated by
“Hey google, how’s my meat going?”
“Your meater has an internal temperature of 43.2 degrees”
“External temperature is 167 degrees”

Sadly no Assistant/IFTTT integration… Alexa only

Husband is still super keen though

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