The NSW Government is now in care-taker mode, ahead of the state election set for just under 3 weeks on Saturday 23rd March. The NSW Electoral Commission has begun a social media blitz, advising certain voters that they can sign up to vote electronically online through the NSWEC iVote system.

Voters who are eligible to sign up online for the NSWEC iVote system include:

  • are blind or have low vision
  • are unable to vote without assistance or have difficulty voting at a voting centre because you have a disability or have
  • difficulties reading
  • are a silent elector
  • live more than 20km from a voting centre; or
  • will be interstate or overseas during election day.

The iVote system allows those who are eligible to cast their vote online or via hotline phone service. The criteria for an iVote are quite limited, but for those not eligible, a postal vote may be offered.

To sign up for iVote, you can either simply head over the iVote website, call 1300 2 iVote (1300 24 86 83) within Australia, or +61 2 9290 5287 from overseas (extended call centre hours during election period) and select whether you intend to vote online or over the telephone using a telephone keypad, along with providing a password for online voting, or a PIN for telephone voting.

Users will also be asked, once registered, to download the 2019 NSW State election iVote verification app, which can be downloaded for free from either Google Play or the Apple App store respectively.

As someone who has a disability and can find it hard to find some voting places that are either wheelchair accessible or not as crowded, I certainly welcome this and have registered already.

Source: NSW Electoral Commission - iVote.
Source 2: NSW Government - Dept of Premier & Cabinet.
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John The Liberal

don’t tell me we are going to get another 16years of corrupt and incompetent NSW labour government again?! No thanks, I prefer to have it all including new stadiums!!


Corrupt and incompetent pretty much sums up NSW politics regardless of who is in charge.


Electronic voting? Heck no! There’s a very real possibility of hacking. Has the 2016 US election not been enough of a warning?


At least it’s not America, where they campaign for something like 18 months for the top job.

Jeni Skunk

No. Here in Australia, such campaigning happens continuously in the main stream media, without end, at State and Federal levels. Not just for a mere 18 months, but for EVERY DAY following any election or knifing.