FlyBuys has quietly added a new in-app game to score bonus points for your FlyBuys account.

The new in-app game, called ‘Shake to Play’ gives you a trolley in which you have to tilt your phone either left or right to try and catch as many offers as possible within the designated time limit while trying to avoid storm clouds which will slow you down.

Once you have reached the time limit, you simply choose the best or favourite offers to claim and activate, thus giving you additional points to your FlyBuys account. Rewards include Coles, Target or Kmart products or offers.

After FlyBuys’ previous bonus points app, Unlock Rewards shut down last year and was subsequently acquired by Wesfarmers for its partnership in FlyBuys with Coles Group in November last year, it is interesting to see this technology being reused to gain further bonus points: always a welcome move.

It also comes as Optus is set to join the FlyBuys program, with Coles announcing in a footnote during its half year presentation result saying “Optus will provide great offers to Flybuys members on a range of Optus mobile, broadband and wearable products.” It is not sure whether this will apply to all Optus products or only to specific products, with the FlyBuys website yet to be updated.

Either way, earning any bonus points is always a great thing at the end of the day. If you haven’t already downloaded the FlyBuys app, you can do so via the link below to play the ‘Shake to Play’ in app game and earn those additional bonus points.

Price: To be announced
Source: FlyBuys - Shake and Play.