The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has reported that Telstra is set to launch a new ramped-up loyalty rewards system called Telstra Plus, which is seen as a key pillar of its transformation T22 makeover.

The report by the AFR, states that Telstra registered the name Telstra Plus brand with IP Australia, which is a government body that looks after trademarks and intellectual property. The new brand is separate from Telstra’s existing Care Priority Plus which was lodged in October 2014.

Sources in Telstra have confirmed to AFR that the loyalty program will be announced sometime this month, have also stated that “All customers aren’t created equal,” with the new loyalty program looking to reward long-time customers and those with multiple devices and services. The number one telco is apparently looking to offer more than the simple discounts and movie tickets under its current Telstra Thanks rewards program.

The move to revamp and ramp-up its loyalty rewards system, aligns with chief executive Andy Penn’s aim to deliver “exceptional customer experience”. Penn stated stating during the briefing of its T22 strategy last June that:

“above all else, customers choose to spend their money with companies who put exceptional customer experience at the heart of everything that they do and who are willing to innovate and lead.”

There has been no specific date set for when the service will be launched or become active this month, but we will be keeping an eye out for further updates as they come to hand.

Source: AFR.
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“the new loyalty program looking to reward long-time customers and those with multiple devices and services” There used to be a fantastic program at Telstra rewarding customers for having multiple devices and services, it was called data sharing. You buy 2 plans, and both devices get to share the data use. It was fantastic. Then some muppet at Telstra took it away. OK you have POM data. Vodafone have the right idea here. If I wanted 2 x POM data plans on Vodafone and share the full speed data between them, I could buy a 60GB sim only plan for… Read more »


The best experience one can have with Telstra is to avoid Telstra.