+ Monday October 14th, 2019

Google has begun pushing out its March security update patch to Pixel devices with the update bringing tweaks to the About menu and the ability to schedule update restarts along with the usual additional vulnerability fixes and some overall improvements.

Google has noted that there are no reports of customers being affected by these security issues with 30% more devices are getting patches compared to the prior year.

There are 27 issues resolved in the March security patch dated 2019-03-01 and 18 for 2019-03-05, with vulnerabilities ranging from high to critical and the most severe relating to the media framework and a remote attacker possibly executing arbitrary code through a crafted file.

The Pixel Update Bulletin for Google’s phones and tablets lists no security fixes, but five functional updates which are listed below:

A-122471935CameraImproves Startup and responsiveness of Camera appPixel 3, Pixel 3 XL
PerformanceImproves recovery in the instance of OTA update failurePixel 3, Pixel 3XL
A-120920537PerformanceImproves storage performance on Pixel 3 devicesPixel 3, Pixel3 XL
A-119776006BluetoothImproves bluetooth reliability on Pixel 3 devicesPixel 3, Pixel3 XL
MediaImproves playback of encrypted media on some video appsPixel 3, Pixel3 XL

For those wwho don’t like to wait for the OTA to hit their device you can download the update yourself:

Android 9.0

Android 8.1

If you have a Pixel device keep an eye out for the latest update or you can use the links above to update it yourself.

Source: Pixel Update Bulletin.

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