+ Saturday November 16th, 2019

Over the last week or so Optus have enabled number sharing between certain Samsung Galaxy devices and the Galaxy Watch, which they have just begun selling. Number sharing worked originally only with Telstra, but now it seems Optus is now offering the same service.

The number sharing feature can simply be enabled by heading to the Optus number share page to see if you are eligible under your current plan to add the number sharing feature which may cost an additional $5 per month on eligible plans. Some plans may have no monthly fee when purchasing selected My Mobile Broadband Plus plans with a compatible wearable device.

However, Optus have stated that if you are not on an eligible My Mobile Broadband Plus plan but activate your Optus Number Share bolt-on for the first time by 31st March 2019, you will not be charged for the first 12 months. After the 12 months, the $5 per month bolt on will apply.

To add this feature, you will be required to go into the Galaxy Wearables app on your Samsung device, then Settings > Mobile networks and then follow the prompts to sign into your Optus account to add the number sharing. Your watch will then restart to enable the settings to take affect.

You can also head into your local Optus store or call Optus directly on 13 39 37.

My Optus
My Optus
Price: Free
Source: Optus - about number share.
Source 2: Optus Number Share Ready.
Via: Optus Galaxy Watch.

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