Just because the Galaxy S10 series is here, don’t think Samsung’s done with phone launches for a while yet. The Korean manufacturer is one is a few companies that can tackle all market ranges, and today we’re seeing leaked specs for their upcoming Galaxy A60 device.

Leaked by Slashleaks, we have what’s purported to be a specificaton sheet for the upcoming handset that lists four Unique Selling Propositions (USP) for the device along with a generous helping of additional information.

Galaxy A60 specification sheet leaked by Slashleaks

Feature Specs

First up – this thing’s going to be big. 6.7 inch screen size big. Samsung isn’t afraid to play at the upper end of the 6-7-inch size range now, with the Galaxy S10 5G also boasting an enhanced screen size. That size won’t necessarily be matched by pixel density though, with the specs listing a FHD+ display.

Secondly, this is the debut of the Infinity-U display, one of the “notch options” Samsung publicly discussed last year ahead of the debut of the punch-hole Infinity-O display on the S10.

The Infinity-U notch sees a miniscule intrusion into the centre of the top edge of the screen, inside which the Galaxy A60’s 32MP (yes really) front facing camera sits. It might well be called Infinity-Dot, it’s so small – or, it just looks small against the 6.7-inch diagonal screen size.

The next interesting spec is a rear triple camera – a configuration that’s impressed on the S10, although the A60’s configuration looks a little different with a 35MP main sensor, an additional 5MP sensor that’s probably for depth/bokeh effects, and an 8MP sensor designated “W” which is likely a wide-angle lens.

Apertures aren’t discussed, but it’s likely the A60 won’t see Samsung’s dual-aperture camera. The 35MP sensor might also be subjected to some downsizing for better light capture.

Other details

There’s also an in-display fingerprint sensor, 6/8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, a Qualcomm processor (SM6150, first observed in benchmarks at the end of 2018) and a whopping great 4,500 mAh battery powering it all.

Despite its midrange moniker, the A60 looks like it should be a more than capable device. The spec sheet says it’s supposed to launch “19.4” which we take to mean April 2019, although other sites are reporting it as March 19.

Samsung’s Galaxy A phones do end up on Australian shelves, so consider our interest in the A60 piqued.

Source: Slashleaks.
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“19.4” Wouldn’t this be April 19th
You don’t usually see 19.4 meaning year then month.
As to how some sites see it meaning March 19, that’s just silly!!