+ Friday October 18th, 2019

Google Podcasts for Android is bringing an update which has been requested since the podcast app launched back in April last year, episode search, on top of the features the app has been slowly adding since.

The update to Google Podcasts was announced at RAIN Podcast Business Summit overnight in New York City, where the Head of Product for Google Podcast, Zack Reneau-Wedeen, stated that the update had already rolled out to 1% of users in the app and will be available for most users later this week

Episode search will find and list specific episodes in response to your search criteria. It is unclear how it will work but hopefully it will help users rediscover topics already listened to or new episodes on the same topic using Google’s vast knowledge of you and your browsing habits.

Google has many grand plans for their podcast app but it is still in its infancy and as such lacks a lot of the standard features you find in most decent podcast apps. This latest update, albeit small, is a step in the right direction for the Google Podcasts app.

For the tens of users using Google Podcasts you should see this latest update arrive on your device by the end of the week.

Source: 9to5 Google.
Source 2: Rain Podcast Summit.

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