Google Assistant’s VP of Engineering had taken to the company’s blog, announcing broadening rollout plans for Duplex, its voice calling Assistant feature. The company intends to make the feature available in 43 US states over the coming weeks.

Duplex is the voice calling feature of Google Assistant that allows it to make a call and hold a conversation with a human at the other end of the line in order to make reservations or check business details for you. It wowed the world last year when it was revealed at Google IO, but it’s seen a slow rollout since.

The Assistant Calls page has been updated to reflect the wider availability of the feature, and also mentions that the feature is available on devices running something called iOS (your guess is as good as ours on that one).

As for Australia? Don’t hold your breath. Google doesn’t seem ready to roll out the feature outside of the USA at the moment, with the language on the blog post and the related support page very specifically referencing the USA.

Source: The Keyword.