If you’re keen to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S10 range, you’re not alone. They’re some of the best looking smartphones on offer at the moment, but this comes with a sting in the tail; they’re not cheap, with prices reaching $2,399.

While you can certainly buy them outright, many would probably prefer to pay off a Galaxy S10 handset over the term of a contract, especially the higher-end more expensive models.

Today’s the last day to pre-order one of the new phones before they go on general sale tomorrow. As there’s a number of pre-order bonuses on offer, we’ve picked out the best value plans for Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e across Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, and Woolworths Mobile.

These are all 128GB plans, but as a rule of thumb, but spending a few dollars more per month will get you the 512GB model if you need a little more storage. And if you pre-order before midnight on March 7, these plans all come with a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds.

Woolworths Mobile
We’re starting with Woolworths Mobile, because the Telstra-powered telco has some of the very best Galaxy S10 deals around right now thanks to a healthy discount on pre-orders, no matter which device you’re looking at. If you can get by with 10GB of data, Woolworths Mobile is hard to go past. These prices will last for the pre-order period – up until 11.59pm on March 7.

128GB Galaxy S10 with 10GB for $75.78 per month

128GB Galaxy S10+ with 10GB for $82.03 per month

128GB S10e with 10GB for $69.53 per month

Telstra plans aren’t exactly cheap, but that’s not surprising. However, if you pre-order the Galaxy S10+ through Telstra, you’ll be able to trade it in the for Galaxy S10 5G when it becomes available later this year at no extra cost. Better yet, swapping phones won’t extend the length of your contract. If you just have to own a 5G phone as soon as possible, it’s a pretty compelling offer.

128GB Galaxy S10 with 50GB for $109 per month

128GB Galaxy S10+ with 50GB for $124 per month

128GB Galaxy S10e with 20GB for $99 per month

If you’re after a little more data than what Woolworths Mobile offers, Optus is a great choice. Optus plans also include data-free music streaming through Google Play Music and Spotify, which can help make the already generous inclusions last hat little bit longer.

Optus is also offering a pre-order bonus of included TV streaming across a number of plans. Well worth checking out.

128GB Galaxy S10 with 20GB for $90 per month

128GB Galaxy S10+ with 50GB for $105 per month

128GB Galaxy S10e with 20GB for $85 per month

Vodafone sits between Optus and Telstra in terms of data-for-dollar, but you do get excellent perks like $5 per day roaming and can save on your bill by bundling multiple services.

Vodafone also offers a lot of flexibility. While we’re showing 24 month plans below for the sake of easy comparison, you can also pay your S10 off over 36 months to make your monthly bill a little cheaper, or over 12 if you just want to get it over and done.

128GB Galaxy S10 with 50 for $101.20 per month excluding any loyalty discounts

128GB Galaxy S10+ with 50GB for $107.45 excluding any loyalty discounts

128GB Galaxy S10e with 50GB for $94.95 per month excluding any loyalty discounts

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Got my s10 already!!!