Although we are most likely still a couple of months away from the announcement of the OnePlus 7 the leaks are already coming, although some are more believable than others. Tonight we have seen one retailer list the OnePlus 7 on their website with a poorly made render and some hastily put-together specs.

Retailer Giztop has listed the OnePlus 7 for sale for US$569. They have a SKU and a price already which seems a bit of a stretch considering the phone is most likely only just hitting the final prototype now.

The render included on the website have a few things wrong with the included render:

  • The volume buttons are too far apart with the previous seen render having more of a rocker button
  • Power button seems to be too far down the device compared with other renders and previous generations
  • There is no alert slider, something we find very hard to believe OnePlus would remove

The specs included seem to match those we have seen rumoured including a 6.5 inch AMOLED display, face unlock, Qualcomm Snapdrasgon 855, triple rear camera setup and a pop-up selfie camera. The website has 8GB/128GB and 12GB/256GB versions listed as well as a 4000mAh battery with 44W super fast Dash charging.

This is where the entire listing breaks down, aside from the sketchy render — the mention of Dash charging. Ever since a copyright claim over the name Dash charging OnePlus have called their fast charging WARP charging and are not even allowed to mention Dash charging. One section of the description actually calls it VOOC charging- yes that it OPPO’s proprietary fast charging

It would be nice if this was real but unfortunately to me it seems the site has just taken the rumoured specs, made a fairly average render themselves (maybe copied an OPPO render and stuck a OnePlus wallpaper on it) and passed it off as legit.

We will not be fooled so don’t you be. We know approximately what the phone will look like and what specs it will have. OnePlus will let us know when they are ready, although you can bet we will still cover every leak we see.

Source: Giztop.
Source 2: GSMArena.
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I am groot

Camera specs are also totally wrong.