It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of both Google Assistant and Google’s Smart Displays here at Ausdroid, and as such any time the Assistant ecosystem reaches feature parity with itself it’s a cause for celebration.

This week Google is finally rolling out their ‘Continued Conversations’ feature to all Assistant compatible Smart Displays.

We first heard about this update a few days ago but didn’t see the feature rolling out in Australia, this morning when we checked again there it was.

For those not familiar with the Continued Conversations functionality, the feature will ‘leave the mic open’ after a reply giving you a few seconds to make a follow-up request or start a new conversation without having to say “OK Google” again.

If you’ve got a Google Smart Display then why not give the new continued conversations a go. You’ll find the setting in the Assistant settings, not in the home speaker setting, under ‘Continued Conversations’.

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I have a Google home and 2 minis but continued conversation not working. Is it only on smart display in Australia so far?

Liam I

It looks like continued conversation has rolled out to Australian English! Randomly started working on my Home Mini today and the settings page has been updated to say it’s only available in English rather than only available in US English.


Woohoo! We’ve got it in English (Australian)!


Yes! Well spotted . . thank you.


If Assistant has to be set to US English for it to work in Australia then I wouldn’t really say it’s rolled out in Australia.


Agreed. I’m keeping my Home Hub on Oz English. Will have to forego Continued Conversation until, and if, Google gets it’s act together.


It’s annoying to have to set the assistant language to US English. Would it really be so hard for Google to enable continued conversation for other language settings? I’ve tried the US accent setting and just don’t like it.

Max Luong

They still need to be set to US English for it to work too, though.


what about non smart displays and just standard google home and minis?


Seems like it has to be set to US English for it to work. Mine’s not working for Australian English.


Well, it’s about time!