+ Thursday October 17th, 2019

We have been speculating when Android Q Beta was going to launch with most speculation pointing to the middle of this current month based on previous years. According to the bug tracker for Android Q Beta the beta will launch within 24 hours.

First spotted my Mishaal Rahman from XDA Developers the bug tracker for Android Q Beta has been opened up by Google. The date filler on this link puts the date for the beta as the 11th of this month — today (well, tomorrow considering that will be the 11th in the US).

Image credit: Android Police

Heading to the links in the bug description gives the filler as March 11 — that is, only bugs filed after that date, today, can be seen by the public. Mishaal and the folks at Android Police are hypothesising that this is “confirmation” that the Android Q Beta will be dropping today.

Image credit: Android Police

We have seen reports that even more phones will be receiving the Beta this year so it looks like their could be a lot of folks playing with the next version of Android int he next few days.

If you have a phone such as a Pixel or a phone that received the Beta last year go and charge it and get ready to check out the beginnings of what to expect in Android Q. I must be psychic- I charged my Pixel 2 XL up this afternoon in preparation. If you have a spare device go and get it ready for some Q beta.

Source: Android Bug Tracker.
Via: Android Police.

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