If you’ve embraced the joy of decoupling your mobile phone purchasing from your monthly mobile plan you might be familiar with the freedom of shopping around for the best plan. Fresh off Telstra’s bonus deal we posted this morning, JB Hi-Fi are offering some great deals also.

If you are living this life as well JB Hi-Fi has some great value plans on the Telstra network that really are worthy of consideration. Telstra’s network is, for the majority of Australia, the best around, unfortunately they seem to be aware of this and charge accordingly. If you want to stay with Telstra or switch over to reap those coverage benefits but want to save a few bucks and get some extra data then it’s time to look a JB HiFi.


JB is offering 3 basic plans, one of which is really only for new Telstra customers. On the whole plans are relatively simple these days if you don’t need international calling. You can expect unlimited national calls and texts, and various amounts of data and contract lengths.

$65/ Month $55/ Month $45/ Month
National Calls and texts Unlimited
Contract 24 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Included data 80GB 60GB 50GB
Special conditions (after $10 credit for new customers) + free Huawei Nova 3i

The current special is with the $55 plan (after the $10 bonus – plan is usually $65 a month) is that for a limited time customers will also get a free Huawei Nova 3i valued at $499.

Credit: OzBargain

The important thing to remember with JB Hi-Fi is they aren’t a MVNO, they are a certified Telstra dealer, as such you’re getting the full Telstra experience including all of the additional Telstra features like AFL, Telstra Thanks etc.

Port in deals

For customers ‘porting in’ from other carriers (not including Boost and Belong customers) JB offers some relatively attractive bonus offers. For new users signing up for the 24 month $65 plan you can get either $500 towards a new phone valued over $999 or $300 towards a new phone valued at less that $999 but more than $300.

The $55 12 month plan for new customers only attracts a $300 JB Hi-Fi Store card which unfortunately you get after purchasing the phone, as such you can’t use it to actually buy the device upfront — you do get a free Huawei Nova 3i at the moment though.

If you’re wanting or needing to be on the Telstra network for what ever reason but you’re looking for slightly better value and inclusions than you get from Telstra direct and you don’t mind a minimum of a 12 month contract perhaps now’s the time to look at JB Hi-Fi’s plans?

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Ahmad Abdullah

Can you use the phone overseas on other networks or is it locked and you can only use it with telstra?