Without a doubt Telstra is Australia’s best carrier and unfortunately the prices often reflect that. Sometimes though they have special deals that make their pricing on par with other carriers, now is one of those times.

For a limited time Telstra have a great deal on SIM only plans. For just $59 per month you will not only get access to their extensive network, unlimited national talk & text and unlimited international talk & text to 15 selected countries but you also get a couple of decent bonuses as well.

The 12 month SIM only plan is usually $69 but Telstra’s $10 per month bonus drops it down to $59. Along with the $10 per month bonus Telstra are also offering a bonus 30GB of data bringing the total to 60GB. If you exceed the 60GB of data per month Telstra also have their Peace of Mind Data which means that you have unlimited data but after 60GB data speed is capped at 1.5Mbps.

To sum it up, for $59 per month you get unlimited talk and text nationally and to 15 selected countries and 60GB of data. That is a great deal for anyone wanting to jump onto a Telstra plan, especially with them readying their 5G network to go live in the next few months.

As someone whose Vodafone contract is up I am seriously considering it. Anyone else?

Source: Telstra.
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This has been available for a long time now. I did have to reconstruct from my old shared data plan, but if you call up they will offer a 2GB $5/MTH additional Sim. So in total, 60GB(with endless data) on one Sim, and 2GB on the second device. It’s a little hassle to set up, but it’s better than having to tether all the time.


Until they bring back data pooling to consumer plans, not worth it for people with families or multiple devices