Samsung and Optus are keeping their word, bringing the Android 9 Pie update to Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Note 8 customers later this week.

According to the Optus software updates page, the update will be rolling out on 13 March 2019, meaning that users have as little as two days to wait until the update arrives on their devices. Of course, as with most updates, the releases are usually staggered, meaning you might not get an update immediately on day one.

What are some of the new features that come with Android Pie for Galaxy S8 / Note 8 users?

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Get the latest monthly security updates for your handset
  • Enhanced security features including Lockdown Mode
  • Fixes for common issues
  • New ‘Lift to Wake’ function without having to press the power button
  • Night Mode
  • New Emojis
  • Dolby Atmos support
  • Floating keyboard
  • Adaptive battery and brightness
  • Dockless DeX mode
  • Changes to Always On Display mode
  • Remapping the Bixby Key
  • Smaller changes to Samsung apps including Phone, Contacts, Settings, Gallery, Files and Health

As a major OS update, the update file will probably be a reasonable size too, so our advice is to download the update over WiFi wherever possible. Let us know when the update hits your phone and how you’re finding it after installing!

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Got pie update on an unlocked s8 Australia

Arjun Kumar

Got pie update on an unlocked s8

Joseph Gould

Still nothing on my S8+ (unlocked)… Unbelievable

Daniel Narbett

Same still (optus)

Selva T

Just installed Optus Note 8, Only option for bixby is single press or double press to activate. Still unable to remap.


Ugh, i have this funny feeling I’m going to be stuck in purgatory – Optus branded S8 on the Telstra network. But its early on the day of release (checked manually, no update for me), so we will see


Downloading the OTA on my Note 8.
Optus SIM, unlocked phone though.55% downloaded, 1431.40 MB total download


Bought my phone during preorder and still getting no updates. I am really disappointed with Samsung.

Kevin O'Sullivan

I have an unlocked S8 and got my update on 6th March. No problems so far and really enjoying the ease of the new gesture system.

Joseph Gould

Lucky! Mine is unlocked (S8+) and still waiting

Kevin O'Sullivan

Bought on special offer from Amaysim. Stuff on it (which I can’t get rid of) indicates it was originally destined for the middle east!

Ryosuke Takahashi

Wow Dolby Atmos is such a surprise, can’t wait for it!!!


Yes it is a joke.

It’s getting close to a year since Pie was officially released (not including preview and beta builds). For it to take this long is a slap in the face to all loyal customers, for those who purchased outright to have to wait longer that’s a slap in the face and a kick in the balls.

You have to talk with your money, next time purchase a different brand.


So what about owners of unlocked s8+? I can’t believe carriers are offering the update before unlocked devices. Makes no sense.

Joseph Gould

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve got an unlocked S8+ and carriers are dishing out the update ahead of Samsung? What the?