Not all manufacturers update their phones in a timely fashion, in fact not all manufacturers up date their phones full stop. HTC have always been relatively quick with updates but as their smartphone sales have dropped, so has their support for them.

It is not all doom and gloom for HTC owners though with HTC USA sharing on Twitter a timeframe for Android 9 Pie updates. Of course the timing of updates to the U11, U11+ and the U12+ depends on the operators and carriers in each country.

HTC Australia have told us that their/our timeframe is the same with updates to the above HTC phones expected in the second quarter of this year. Considering that they are sold off contract without a carrier in sight it would not surprise us if Android Pie arrived next month.

HTC can still make a great phone and we loved the U12+ last year when we reviewed it — albeit with a few teething issues early on which were subsequently fixed. Updating them to Android Pie will improve them even more.

If you own a HTC U11, U11+ or a U12+ keep an eye out for any updates arriving on your phone in the next month or two and let us know with a few screenshots of the update. Who doesn’t love updates to their phone?

Source: HTC Twitter.
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Mo slow

6 months now and still counting…


Any sign of Android pie updates on Telstra for htc U11?

Chris harvey

I have a HTC U11 i brought from Singapore using Vodafone but still dont have the Pie update. how can i get this?