Google keeps chipping away at the Australian financial sector with more banks coming online at a steady cadence. This week we’ve seen the Health Professionals Bank added to the list of banks supporting Google Pay.

Today’s addition brings the total number of active Australian financial institutions who support Google Pay up to 70. For those who haven’t tried Google Pay I can’t recommend it enough, there’s something simultaneously cool and convenient being able to pay for almost everything with your phone or watch.

If you’re a customer of the Health Professionals Bank you can now add either Visa Debit or Visa Credit cards issued by the bank. Does your bank not support Google Pay? Let us know below.

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National Australia Bank does not support


Bank of Melbourne “supports” Google Pay to a degree. Their Visa Debit card is not supported. I was forced to use BoM app on my galaxy s8 to use the tap and pay features, however they stopped supporting that. Now I have no tap and pay since upgrading to the S10. This is beyond annoying.

Andrew A

Wierd that Citi bank in the USA supports Google Pay but not here in Australia.
Be good if Velocity Global Wallet and Qantas Cash prepaid supported Google Pay. Would be so handy when travelling.


Come on Qantas – wtat’s the hold up? I have been emailing their Customer Services for over a year and all I get is that they are working hard to release Google Pay functionality in the ‘near future’. When l pressed them on an ETA I was told they did not have a timeline. Pretty poor response Qantas.

Sir Gregory

QUDOS, once the Qantas Credit Union, does not support Google Pay.


Qantas credit cards don’t support Google Pay. 😥


Citibank and Coles Mastercard are yet to support Google Pay