If you are considering purchasing a Google Home speaker, the Sony LFS50G Google Assistant Speaker sounds better and is on sale for only $119 at JB Hi-Fi from 14-27 March 2019.

Besides sounding slightly better than the Google Home, the Sony LFS50G also differentiates by having a visible LED clockface on the front.

This could make it handy as a kitchen, bathroom or bedside alarm clock. Though personally I don’t keep any smart speakers in my bedroom or bathroom.

In our Ausdroid review of the LFS50G we concluded:

It is a very capable alarm clock – but then again, so is a Google Home or Home Mini, though you definitely get better sound quality from the Sony.

The built-in LED speakers are the big drawcard for me, it makes the speaker a little more useful and practical overall than just a Chromecast target, or Google Assistant powered speaker like Google Home. The design is a little more ‘Sony’ as well, so it looks pretty rather than like an air-freshener or fabric puck sitting on your bench.

Since it was announced a year and a half ago at IFA in late 2017 this is probably a run out of remaining stock. JB Hi-Fi hints at this with their website mentioning “Limited stock”.

If you don’t like black or white the Sony LFS50G is also available at JB Hi-Fi in blue.

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This sounds like a great deal, in comparison to the Google Home/Mini.