Even with the memory management issues overshadowing the Pixel 3 it’s still considered to be the embodiment of pure Android, at least until the next Pixel arrives. Unfortunately, like most “top tier” devices these days it launched with a rather hefty price tag: luckily a few months on it’s starting to pop up at a more reasonable price.

This week at JB you can grab any Pixel 3 for $300 off the launch price and for the $1199 Pixel 3 64GB model that’s around 25% off. Check out the discounted prices below.

  • Pixel 3 64GB $1199 $899
  • Pixel 3 128GB $1349 $1049
  • Pixel 3 XL 64GB $1349 $1049
  • Pixel 3 XL 128GB $1499 $1199

Is this enough of a discount to convince you to pick up a Pixel 3? Let us know below. If you are convinced head into JB before the sale ends.

Source: JB HiFi.
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I would never ever buy pixel ever. 6 times I have replaced it. It always get fault. It has issues like hardware, auto restart, slow functions, freezing scree.


It’s is awesome. But what if you already have a pixel 3 but would like to upgrade to maybe a pixel 3 xl or a bigger memory space? Can you just makeup the difference?😂

Dean Rosolen

My OG Pixel’s battery is showing its age (phone shuts off at 15-20% for whatever reason) so the Pixel 3 is tempting even without the headphone jack as I’ve come to realise that I don’t particularly use it on my Pixel.