Android Q is everywhere and for those who have tried it it contains some things that will take some getting used to and others which are a great change. Underneath the hood though there are of course a lot more changes and details that no one knows about yet.

Over at XDA Developers while rummaging through the code found within an app called ConnectivityMonitor which lists all Pixel devices and their code-names: Pixel and Pixel XL (“sailfish” and “marlin”), Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL (“walleye” and “taimen”), and Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL (“blueline” and “crosshatch”) and finally “B4S4” phones “bonito” and “sargo”.

Bonito and Sargo are the codenames for the upcoming Pixel 3 Lite phones designed to get Pixel phones into the mid-range market — a more affordable Pixel. B4S4 is assumed by XDA to mean fourth generation Pixel phones which is interesting in itself — does that mean the Pixel 4 this year will be a fifth generation phone?

Within the Camera vendor partition XDA found a snippet that had the Pixel 3 XL listed as crosshatch but then sargo was named Pixel 3a XL. As if naming phones could not get any more complicated. While XDA cannot say for sure this is the actual name for sargo until the code is full disassembled it certainly points towards it at this stage.

Just when exactly Google is expected to release these new “Lite” phones is unknown but we suspect in the next couple of months. They are expected to launch in India first trying to capture as much of that massive mid-range market they have there but if they do so they will need to offer a compelling package with the extremely competitive mid-range segment full of manufacturers offering very decent specs for great prices — and early benchmarks don’t sell the mid-range Pixels as speedy phones.

Of course we will keep you updated on any and all Pixel-related news because we know you love it as much as us. For me, I’m glad Google are going with a name other than “Lite” tacked onto the end because it does my head in having to write lite instead of light.

Source: XDA Developers.