Earlier this week Google announced that Continued Conversations were rolling out beyond Assistant powered Smart Speakers and would now work with Google Smart Displays. Unfortunately, while the hardware setting was available in Australia you had to set your device to US English to get it to work.

As spotted by one eagle-eyed Ausdroid reader (thanks Ruth) the requirement for US English is no longer there. To use feature go into your Assistant settings, click on ‘Continued Conversations’ and toggle to enable. After that whenever you use the Google Assistant on a smart speaker or display you’ll be able to follow up queries with more questions or requests.

As you can see in the before and after shots above the requirement for “US English only” has been dropped, and hopefully, all of the various English versions are now working. Many of you commented earlier in the week that it was a bit odd it was restricted to US English only, so I guess Google listened!

We’ve tested the functionality and it’s definitely working for Australian English. If you’ve turned on the accessibility settings for a noise to be played when you make a query after the Assistant is finished with your first query you will hear that noise, letting you know you’ve got a few seconds to follow up the question, or perhaps be quiet so you don’t get an “I’m sorry I don’t know how to help with that”.

If you get continued conversations working let us know below.

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Any idea I’d this feature will appear on othe google assistant devices?
My LG wK7 speaker doesn’t have continued conversation 🙁

Ian Leckie

I have my mini’s with an AU accent but my smart displays are still stubbornly US English.


I’ve noticed a small icon in the top left corner of my Home Hub that tells me it’s listening for follow up conversations.


Super cool news!

Ian Mackereth

I just couldn’t bring myself to have a Yank voice from my Home devices, so noticing a Home Mini with the “anything else? ” light on this morning was wonderful!


Unfortunately, Continued Conversation does not work if a music station is playing is also playing at the time. But other than that, it is working well.


Makes interraction so much easier than having to say “hey Google” for every question. I doubt that it made a difference but I sent feedback every day asking for continued conversations in languages other than US English.


Working for me on my Google home speaker. Kinda nice to hear a reply of “no worries” after you say thanks