If you’re not as tall as you would like and you’re hoping that Google just announced a human enlargement program I’ve got bad news for you. However, if you’re wanting to learn new digital skills then this weeks announcement is what you’re looking for. The Grow with Google Program is aimed at improving people digital skills across a range of areas.

The program is aimed at teachers supporting students, business owners, job seekers, starts ups and those learning to code. Through a range of Google-funded or run programs, potential learners will be able to access both online and in some cases in-person courses.

At the launch event Google announced that since 2014 they have trained over 500,000 Australians through online and in-person training sessions, as well as curriculum integrated through school and partner programs. If you’re in one of the target groups why not head on over to the Grow with Google and check out the range of opportunities on offer.

Source: Google Australia.