When you’ve conquered smartphones, where do you go next? If you’re Huawei, according to a report from Chinese website ITHome, you set your sights on the TV market.

ITHome reports that Huawei could be ready to launch not one but two TV models measuring 55 and 65 inches as early as next month. The displays for both models are said to be manufactured by BOE, Huawei’s longtime collaborator on displays.

Huawei previously indicated little interest in the market, saying it wouldn’t do traditional TVs. This seems to have changed now, with ITHome’s source claiming a desire to move 10 million units annually.

The report is pretty light on other details, though.

On the face of it, TVs are a somewhat easy market for a manufacturer currently making smartphones, tablets and more to jump into – the basic building blocks are there, and the company could even use Google’s Android TV OS to get them started.

Unsurprisingly, Huawei offered no comment to ITHome on the reports.

Source: ITHome.
Via: GizChina.
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1 year ago

Well they can already monitor your Huawei phone, Huawei home internet router, and Huawei fitness tracker/watch, so the obvious next step was to monitor your TV based viewing. I’m now waiting for them to try and sneak through a home ‘security’ system like Amazon so they can monitor you all the time like The Truman Show movie.