Samsung’s gearing up to launch new Galaxy A-series phones next month, and it looks like they’re bringing a pretty wild experiment to what could be the top of the line.

We’ve heard rumours of something interesting related to the camera on the Galaxy A90 for a little while – maybe a pop-up, maybe even even a swivel camera – and it appears there’s fire for that smoke.

Danish website Galaxy Club discovered a reference on the Galaxy A series page on the information page for the series on Samsung’s Indonesian website (the Australian Galaxy A page is just a product list).

Just below the text about the phone’s large Infinity display (which also seems to need a subheading) is the text “Notchless Infinity screen only available on Galaxy A90”

Usually, on a full-screen phone, the notch area is used to house the front-facing camera, speaker, proximity sensor and/or other facial recognition hardware. Some of those things can be shuffled off to the bezels or moved elsewhere, but the camera takes up quite some space.

We’ve seen a few manufacturers attempt to deal with this by moving the camera off the face of the phone and into a pop-up mechanism (Vivo) or making the phone’s body slide up/down to reveal/hide the camera (most notably recently on Oppo’s Find X). We’ve also seen swiveling and rotating cameras in years gone by.

If Samsung – famously hesitant to embrace the notch – is bringing some kind of pop-up or slide mechanism into the Galaxy A series, it represents a real willingness to experiment on form and design. If they’re well received, such features might even find their way into the mainline Galaxy S series in years to come.

Popup, Swivel, Flip or Slide? All well be revealed at Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A launch.

Source: Samsung Indonesia.
Via: Galaxy Club.
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