We are but a few days out from the Huawei announcement in Paris where they will reveal their new P30 series lineup but unfortunately it seems that the internet has done most of the revealing for them. Overnight we have seem more leaks of the P30 Pro which do not add much but certainly add to the attractiveness of the device.

Roland Quandt has posted on his Twitter page a few leaks overnight. The first one is a picture of a P30 Pro (review unit we assume) in the box with the display on. Sure there is a tiny teardrop type notch but the display looks amazing: that Samsung AMOLED display pops out.

Accompanying this image is an image of the back of the display which is not great considering all the renders etc we have already seen. We can see the square periscope camera at the bottom of the camera array and it will be interesting to see Huawei’s software enhancements to take advantage of this new hardware.

The other P30 Pro Tweet that Roland sent out showed a render of a bright red variant of the P30 Pro. He is saying that it is called Amber Sunrise and given the colour hints we saw on the Huawei Singapore website the other day that fits entirely.

The red is a very bold red which actually looks like a red case in the images but assuming it is NOT a case what it does do is show exactly how small Huawei have made the bezels on the P30 Pro — amazingly small! Comparing it to the leaks we saw from Singapore to me it looks like a case and the orange underneath, around the camera array, is actually the true colour of the phone in that area.

The third P30-related Tweet was a link to the P30 Lite’s user guide. While this is not exactly the same as a user guide for one of the two flagship models you can be certain that some, if not most, of the software functionality in the Lite will be the same as in the Pro and standard P30.

The final leak overnight was a hands on video, albeit very brief. Check out the video below:

That rounds out the Huawei P30 leaks from overnight. Hopefully it has just whet your appetite for what Huawei have to reveal on the 26th of this month, just a few days (it will be our morning the 27th) away. I really hope Huawei have something left up their sleeves to wow us with onstage, that is not someone from the Pantene institute.

Source: Roland Quandt Twitter.