Earlier this year Public Transport Victoria put out the call for beta testers to trial the use of Android phones to tap on and off instead of a Myki card. After a lot of positive results they are ready to take the system public from this Thursday.

From this Thursday all Android users with phones running a version of Android greater than 5.0 will see the option to add a transit or travel card to their Google Pay account.

Selecting the transit card option will allow users to then buy a Myki or top up their current Myki already purchased online. There is a minimum payment of $10 but there is not a fee to create a virtual Myki card like there is for buying one.

At this stage there is no option to add a physical card to the app but hopefully that will change in the future – especially for teenagers and users who purchase yearly passes. To use Google Pay though PTV state you need to be over the age of 16.

With the new mobile Myki you will be able to:

  • Top up on the go
  • Touch on and off with your phone
  • Know your balance in real time
  • View your travel history

The system will be available from Thursday on trams, trains and buses. All you have to do is add a virtual Myki to your account before you travel – it can take up to 90 minutes for money to be added to your Myki account – unlock your phone when you get near the terminal and “tap on” to the tram/train/bus. Tap your phone as you exit the transport as well to avoid extra costs.

If you catch public transport why not give it a go on Thursday, or whenever you purchase a new Myki. Let us know how you go.

Source: PTV.
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I’m having problems when I try and touch-on. The Myki reader doesn’t seem to detect anything from my phone. I have a Pixel 3 XL, latest software updates all round, and I’ve purchased a $10 Myki recharge. Has anyone had any similar issues? I’ve even tried removing the back cover on my phone and nothing seems to work.


I tried yesterday and couldn’t get it to work either. I’m hoping somebody has advice and can tell me what I did wrong.


I logged a complaint with Myki asking for a refund, in the meantime I deleted the card from my Google Pay account, and tried adding it again, it’s working now. In the meantime someone from PTV called me saying the card number was assigned to someone else at the same time, that’s why it didn’t work.
Just waiting for my refund now.


Does PTVs response make sense though? If it had been assigned to someone else, wouldn’t that mean it didn’t work when re-added?


It doesn’t make sense, but it’s a glitch they need to fix. When I first created the card on Google Pay, that’s where the problem was. Once I deleted the card altogether, then created a new one it worked fine.


Been using for just over a month and can honestly say it’s pretty decent. Easier than having a physical credit card as some would argue as this eliminates the wallet completely. Using Google Pixel 3


I’m unable to use it on release as I have an Myki commuter annual pass… Majorly annoyed


I use Samsung Pay for all my NFC payments as the interface is more friendly and flexible.
Does anyone know if I will be able to load my MYKI into Samsung Pay and not be forced to use GPay?


You will have to go for Google Pay.


This is awesome timing. I’ve recently been seriously considering trying to go completely wallet-less. I think the main thing still standing in my way is my Drivers License.

Ausdroid I’d love for you guys to do a story on going moving fully to a phone and ditching physical wallets completely.


I’m not from Melbourne, but I do travel there frequently and have a Myki card.
This gives me hope for Brisbane to adopt the same.


I’ve been using it on the trial and it’s been great. Myki money top up has been immediate. I am not going back to a card or that horrid Melbourne Central queue to top up. Thumbs up for Google Pay Myki from me

Phil S

To be fair I’ve had auto top-up on my Myki for years and never had an issue


And Sydney…

Clyde Jones

Now Perth needs to follow suit……