We missed this on its first reveal but Nimblebit, makers of the Tiny Tower games that have amused us to no end over the years, has announced a collaboration with Lego coming in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, it’s named Lego Tower, and it looks like a lot of fun with a Lego-centric spin on the typical Tiny Tower gameplay.

Lego Tower sees the formerly 8-bit-like residents replaced with animated customisable Lego Minifigs, and the whole game given a cute graphical overhaul so everything looks like it’s been constructed from Lego bricks.

That’s about all we know (although really, what more do you need to know?) – the launch video says “Summer 2019”, so we’re assuming that’s the USA and expecting a June-August launch window.

Source: YouTube.
Source 2: Nimblebit Twitter.