Concept videos annoy me. They are usually just fans creating renders and videos based on what the want the phone to look like. Occasionally fans do try and create concept/render videos based on leaked renders and measurements- this is one of those.

We have seen some fake leaks of the upcoming OnePlus 7 this year but we have seen some that seem to be more genuine. YouTuber Waqar Khan has used leaked renders from OnLeaks to created some renders of his own. The renders are based not just on the leaks from OnLeaks but also on various other leaks which have suggested certain colours.

The renders show various colours of the OnePlus 7 which have been rumoured but I for one doubt these rumours. OnePlus have never released phones of this colour style and I don’t think they are about to start now.

They also show the pop-up camera which has been seen in-hand and also in various leaks and rumours. OPPO have a pop-up camera in their F11 Pro and hardware designs are often shared between the two sister companies. The rear camera is expected to be a triple camera setup, without any periscope lens unfortunately.

Of course, most of this is all speculation and any one of the leaks could be different prototypes and the final version may well be totally different — unlikely, but possible.

The OnePlus 7 is expected to be announced in May alongside a 5G OnePlus phone. We will no doubt see more leaks of this phone before then but I for one hope that we see nothing more and OnePlus step on stage in New York (because I will be there around then) and both surprise and wow us all with their first flagship of 2019.

Source: Waqar Khan YouTube.
Via: Gizchina.