The existence of mid-range Pixel phones has been known since late last year. Since then slowly but surely more details of the phones has leaked and overnight we have seen a couple more details appear online.

Winfuture have received information that the phones’ release is imminent. Along with this they have also received information surrounding the specs of the devices.

According to their source both of the new Pixel phones will arrive with 64GB of onboard storage and will not be offered in a 128GB option. 64GB is not bad an should be enough for those who only want a mid-range phone. The problem is that they are up against other mid-rangers who will have more storage than that.

Winfuture’s source also said that once again the Pixel phones will come in white and black but this time there will also be n “iris” colour. This fits with 9to5Google’s source who said the phone would come in a purple colour. It seems like a very bold colour for Google to make their phones considering the subtle colours they have one their phones and throughout the OS.

The last interesting tidbit Winfuture received was that the Pixel 3a, with 64GB of internal memory will cost over 450 euros (~AU$700). Of course the XL version will be more expensive than that. If those prices translate over to Australia directly, and let’s face it they most likely won’t, it places them at the higher end of the mid-range. Unfortunately the mid-range has been moving upwards as phones become more and more expensive.

There is no word if these new Pixel phones will land Downunder but we expect them to, given the fact that they are going to Europe already and Google have historically brought their phones here.

Does anyone care? Anyone want a mid-range Pixel?

Source: Winfuture.
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I would totes buy a purple phone

Luke Vesty

Yeah this has actually got me interested. If the rumours are true that image quality from the camera is the same as the Pixel 3 but the price is significantly reduced then maybe this could be a good move.


3aXL or eBay 2XL?


Better camera, better display and a longer life for software updates on the 3aXL. I know what I’d get.

Stuart Brown

Considering that the Pixel 2XL, is a better phone and $250 cheaper, that they will go down in price, as the cheaper pixel 3XL lites comes in, I’ll go for the Pixel 2XL, but I can understand people going for the 3XL lite, then you won’t have to buy another phone, next year, just to get the latest software.