Alcatel are one of several smartphone brands that are growing in Australia at the moment, sitting in number 3 position by volume for more than three years now. To promote their brand they are co-major sponsors of the South Sydney Rabbitohs and today have launched a new competition in conjunction with the Rabbitohs.

The new competition, called ‘Try for a Million’, gives fans for each of the Rabbitohs home games a chance to win a million dollars. To have that chance you need to enter via the Rabbitohs’ website before each game and pick the order of tries in the game along with the exact try scorers (number and team) of each of those tries for that Home Game from either team (i.e. Home (Rabbitohs) or away team) will win a share of AUD$1,000,000.

The website will actually offer you an entry where they choose the try scores and order of the tries. This is the competition’s version of the Tatts Quick Pick where the computer chooses the numbers for you.

At the end of the season all of the correct entries from each will will receive a share in a million dollars. ie. if there are two winners they will receive $500,000 each, three winners $333,333 etc.

Each week will also have a winner of a minor prize if there is a correct entry. The minor prize is “a TLC Prize Pack valued at $878RRP, including: TV valued at $429 RRP; tablet valued at $250RRP; and a mobile phone valued at $199RRP”. If there is more than one correct entry in a week then the winner of the minor prize will be the person who submitted their entry first. There is 12 home games and a maximum of 12 minor prizes up for grabs.

The competition is open to anyone, and you do not have to be at the game, with a maximum of 5000 entries per game allowed. You can check out the full terms and conditions here just to make sure you have your head around all the requirements.

The competition is of course brought to you by the South Sydney Rabittohs, Alcatel and their parent company TCL:

We are committed to adding value and excitement to people’s lives through access to affordable technology, so our partnerships are focused on bringing this to life. With our ‘Try For A Million’ promotion we are adding another layer of excitement to the game-day experience for both South Sydney fans and NRL fans more broadly.Sam Skontos of Alcatel

In any case it does not hurt to enter so if you want to head on over to the competition website and place your entry in for the next Rabbitohs home game and cross your fingers you win a million dollars!