It’s often hard to tell when you “find something” unannounced online if it’s genuine, a troll or just some sort of mistake or misunderstanding, and that perfectly describes this situation. Overnight a reference to an unannounced Nest branded Google Smart Display was spotted on Google’s own hardware store page.

According to the diagrams that were on the top of the Google Home Hub store page (they’re no longer there), we may soon be seeing a ‘Nest Hub Max’ Smart Display with a 10-inch HD display, stereo speakers and a built-in Nest Cam with Duo capabilities. I have to say that’s a rather compelling combination.

These images were linked inside the product listing for the Google Home Hub, so it’s possible that they are not genuine and just a mistake as we said before. If Google is keeping the Nest brand then this product makes complete sense however, it’s a great marriage of the Google Smart Display and the utility of an indoor Nest Cam.

For many users, the original Google Home Hub was ‘missing’ a camera, I know for myself I use the Duo calling feature so that made the Google Home Hub a no go for me. It makes sense that Google may bring out a larger, more premium and more complete Smart Display of their own because their partners currently offer the best products.

With there being rumours of a mid-cycle Pixel Lite release it’s possible there may be a Google Hardware event soon. A Nest Max Hub might be amongst the offerings.

Source: Android Police.