The functionality to tweak photos to improve them automatically has been steadily working its way into Google Photos for nearly 12 months now. The addition of suggested cropping of images to clean edges and improve framing for documents and receipts will be a welcome additional function for many users.

A lot of users take photos of receipts and documents to store for later reference or (if you’re like me) to ensure when they lose work related receipts, that the expenses can still be claimed through work.

Regardless of your motivation for grabbing the images you’ll see the “crop and adjust” option appear after capturing an image that fits in this realm, giving you suggestions on bordering your image as well as offering you the chance to manually adjust borders, corners, rotation and lighting.

The roll out of this function is happening this week, so if you’re a heavy user of Google Photos for record keeping as well as storing your happy snaps – keep an eye out for the latest update and Google’s improved assistance with documents.

Source: Google Photos Twitter.
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Phill Edwards

Would be good if it could also OCR the receipt photo so you can search for it later.