With the imminent demise of Inbox only a few short days away, Google continues to bring enhanced functionality to the Gmail app on Android. Today’s update brings the ability to customise the email swipe actions (though it seems this might be newer on iOS than Android).

By default swiping left or right on any email in Gmail sends it to the archive. Thanks to today’s update you can now choose between, Archive, Delete, Mark as read / unread, Move to or snooze, or nothing.

While these changes aren’t enormous it’s still nice to see Google putting more user-facing customisation into the Gmail app. To enable the new feature go into Settings, General settings and select Swipe options.

The new feature is rolling out by default to all Gmail users today.

Source: Google.
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Steve Davis

If only they would fix that replies came from the address that received the email. Oh and that sigs worked properly too. Such basic stuff.


Hoping for an extension to article inbox.

Neil Mallett

Hoping for an extension to article inbox.


As mentioned by other comments this has been on Android for a while now, it’s new in the iOS app as mentioned here https://gsuiteupdates.googleblog.com/2019/03/take-action-faster-with-customizable.html?m=1


This feature had already existed within the app (though not the desktop widget) for ages.

Also, there’s a spelling error in “imminent”.


So frustrated at the demise of inbox. Am leaving the move to Gmail until absolutely forced to. Still in denial I guess, hoping for a last minute reprieve!


Odd, I switched back to Gmail a week or so ago and these options were already there.


Yeah I’ve had the swipe option for months possibly longer. Perhaps they’ve added to the list of things you can do?