We all know that Google will be releasing a mid-range Pixel soon but no one seems to know exactly when. Now, after a Tweet last night we suspect that the release of the Pixel 3a variants is imminent.

Google SVP and boss of Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, Play, Comms and Photos (yes, he’s a busy man), Hiroshi Lockheimer, knew exactly what he was doing when he Tweeted out a hint that he had taken a photos with “an unreleased phone”. He was telling us all that the release is close, very close.

Google’s employees are not known for leaking things such as this until the last minute before the release of a device. For Hiroshi to send this Tweet out he must know something that we don’t: the Pixel 3a is about to be released.

Of course it is the Pixel 3a (or 3a XL) because there has not been hide nor hair of any other photo-taking device Google is working on that is ready for release except for this.

A lot of people have wanted a Google Pixel for years but do not want to, or cannot afford to, pay the amount that they cost. Hopefully this mid-range Pixel will land here on our shores as it gives the bulk of customers who purchase mid-range phones another option, an option of Google’s version of how Android should be.

Would you buy a mid-range Pixel?

Source: Hiroshi Lockheimer Twitter.
Via: Phonearena.
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Probably be $800 here. I wonder if it will have the same cloud option of saving full size images and videos for free.


If they try to get more than $300-$400 they will need their heads examined.

Although given how much they are overpricing the other Pixel phones, I wouldn’t put anything past them.


Given the Pixel 3 will likely get marginally cheaper hence not far off $800 I think you are right. For $100 less you can get a OP6T