Phone designs have come a long way since the HTC Hero, although Apple have only just come to the party in the last year or so, with displays growing and bezels shrinking.

Bezels have shrunken so much that we have created other problems that require solutions such as the notch. Some companies have managed to decrease bezel sizes along all four sides of the display but where will it end.

Huawei have said for them, it will end here. Apparently the P30 and P30 Pro have a chin (it’s all relative isn’t it Mr HTC Hero – and all Sony phones ever made) and while they say they could make them smaller they think that it is not a good idea.

Huawei CEO, Richard Yu, has told GSM Arena that Huawei could “make the chin shorter but it wont be comfortable to use the phone that way”.

The reason why we haven’t completely removed the bottom bezel is because of accidental touches. If there was no chin, every time you swipe from the bottom there would be inadvertent presses

Mr Yu stated that Huawei think it is more important to shrink the side bezels and the space at the bottom of the phone is important to help you use your phone “more confidently”.

As for the notch he said that they have not included auto-focus for the front-facing camera as you are normally holding the phone at arm’s length and this has resulted in a smaller notch. They see that as compromising on design- a long way from the Mate 20 that statement.

Huawei are slowly evolving their phone designs, maybe not as fast as some at this stage but it is good to see that they have a plan in place and there are solid reasons for their design decisions.

How do you feel about the P30 series phones’ designs? Are they an improvement over last year or too similar to so many other phones on the market? Is there any other option?

Source: GSMArena.
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Jeni Skunk

No matter how manufacturers tart things up for PR copy, notches, holes, and curved screen corners ALL add up to the same thing for conned-sumers: We don’t get, and can’t use the full display claimed, measured on either actual screenres in pixels or screen size diagonal.


Jenny try and have a little positivity in your life. Smile, it’s just a phone.


I agree.