JBL has announced a new headphone series dubbed LIVE, packed with JBL’s signature sound, a contemporary design and smart touch control features.

The two models being launched locally are the JBL LIVE 400BT and 650BTNC,as the names might imply, they’re both Bluetooth headsets and the latter features active noise cancellation as well.

As is becoming more common with wireless headphones these days, the JBL LIVE series features easy touch control, allowing users to select songs from their favourite artists, ask for directions, or the queue calendar reminders for later activities. JBL does this by including not only Google Assistant, but also Amazon Alexa in these headphones.

JBL LIVE 400BT headphones’ are fitted out with TalkThru and Ambient Aware technologies. With TalkThru, music is lowered at the touch of a button to make it easy to speak with a friend without removing the headphones. In Ambient Aware mode, listeners can control the amount of background noise they want to let in to stay keyed into their surroundings when it’s needed most, such as walking in a busy intersection, dodging through a crowd of people or having an ear out for the family dog playing in the park.

Find yourself immersed in your favourite playlist like never before, brought to life through the latest in external noise control technologies.

The flagship design of the series, the JBL LIVE 650 BTNC is a further step above, with its innovative design and built-in Active Noise Cancelling technology, creating an immersive sound experience that lets users block out the outside world and stay focused when it matters most.

The new JBL Live series are on sale now via the JBL website as follows:

JBL Live 400BT – $149.95

JBL Live 650BTNC – $249.95