Telstra Thanks loyalty program has been around for a while now but it is set to be replaced by their new loyalty program that they launched today, Telstra Plus in a bid to help them retain customers.

Telstra Plus works differently to Telstra Thanks where the number and type of rewards you get is based on how much you spend with Telstra. Obviously the more you spend the more rewards you earn.

Starting on May 14 Telstra Plus members will be able to begin accumulating points that can later be exchanged for discounts on devices and accessories. Just as with Telstra Thanks members will also have access to discounted sport and movie tickets, pre-sale tickets and various other VIP services. The online store where customers can spend this money will open later this year.

Telstra customers who sign up to Telstra Plus before June 30 will receive bonus points- although it is unclear just how many bonus points you will receive. For every “service, subscription or hardware repayment” customers will earn points that they can use in the Telstra Plus rewards online store once it has launched later this year.

Australians have more choice than ever before when it comes to their telco provider and millions of our customers choose to join and stay with Telstra for their connectivity, technology and entertainment needs. In addition to the better value we provide our customers through our larger network coverage and data speeds, we’re upping the ante through rewarding our customers for their loyalty over time. Every service, subscription or hardware repayment will see customers earn points towards new technologyAndy Penn, Telstra CEO

Customers will earn 10 points for every dollar they spend on their monthly account, including pre-paid recharges and bonus points can be earned for adding new services to an account or upgrading their services.

Telstra Plus will have different levels of membership with each level receiving a different level of support and benefits – All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

Telstra have shown how much a customer would have to spend to get a hardware reward. A household spending $80 a month would take 18 months to accumulate enough points for “fully redeem” a smart speaker and twice that amount of spending over that time would net you a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster. A whopping $225 a month plus adding a new service would need to be spent over that 18 months to get a 25% discount for a Samsung Galaxy S10.

The advent of Telstra Plus signals the beginning of the end for Telstra Thanks with its benefits “moving to Telstra Plus soon”. All Telstra Plus members will by default receive the same benefits as Telstra Thanks members and is free to join so it seems a no-brainer for Telstra customers.

At the launch of Telstra Plus CEO Andy Penn also signalled a change in mobile plan structure for Telstra with new no lock-in plans being offered from June. This is something that other carriers have gone to and a lot of people prefer.

It follows a number of customer-first initiatives under T22, including the removal of excess data charges on mobile plans, an expanded suite of add-ons to consumer plans and the introduction of no lock-in fees across a range of business and home broadband services. This will culminate in the launch of 20 no lock-in plans in June

If you are not a Telstra customer the value from Telstra Plus does not seem enough, and not even close, to entice someone onto their service. It is designed to retain customers, not gain them. If you are already with Telstra spending the money then it is fine but it does not seem worthwhile to switch or spend more just for a few small benefits.

If you are interested in this new loyalty program, and if you are already a Telstra customer you should be as it will soon be the only one available to you, head on over to the Telstra Plus website, have a read and sign up today.

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I’d rather just have cheaper bills.


I like this idea… Good job Telstra 🙂

Lucian Pearce

Not available to business customers 😐 I have an account with 2 mobile phones under an ABN what do I get for loyalty


wow 2 mobiles look at you

Martin Preston

How about using points to jump the que at your shops where im forced to wait with all the other customers forced to go there bc call centres are crap?


great, tiered customer service…

Barry Mason

I’m sorry sir, but you’ll have to upgrade to silver tier to have a consultant get back to you within 1-2 weeks, otherwise please upgrade to our gold tier for a consultant to call you back in within 48 hours.


Absolute joke of a loyalty system. Good on them for trying… but unfortunately it’s not nearly enough to make up for incompetent and downright useless customer service and overall, ‘premium’ price tag for a less than premium service.

I’d rather be able to call Telstra and speak to someone I can clearly understand, that clearly understands me, and have an issue resolved than earn points that will take me years to put to good use.