It feels like a flood of features have come to Gmail this week and there’s another one to come. The smart compose feature is  already pretty good, allowing you to rapidly auto-complete commonly written sentences and phrases, but now Google has extended that functionality to the subject line.

Starting today, Gmail users will be able to use Smart Compose to suggest subject lines based on the context of the email message, recipient and more.

In the demo GIF below, you can see that Smart Compose suggests the subject line “Happy Birthday, Paul” based on the contact the email is going to, as well as the body of the email message.

Since we announced Gmail Smart Compose in G Suite last year, we’ve seen how Smart Compose suggestions can cut down on the effort it takes for you to write emails and replies. With subject suggestions, Smart Compose can now help you compose your subject line as well.

Google has begun releasing the feature to Gmail users from today, though it won’t be with all customers for up to 15 days. G Suite accounts can also expect to see the feature arrive, albeit from 23 April and again over a 15 day rollout window.

Users (or G Suite administrators) who don’t want the smart compose feature used can disable it, but it’s an all or nothing proposition – you can’t have smart compose for message body only.