+ Saturday October 19th, 2019

It’s been six weeks since Samsung showed off the Galaxy Fold in New York, and since then, we’ve not heard an awful lot about it – at all. Scheduled for release in the US towards the end of this month, the Galaxy Fold isn’t clear on whether it’s headed elsewhere.

In today’s news, though, it’s clear that the Galaxy Fold will probably be headed to China, following approval by TENAA.

From what the listing shows, the Galaxy Fold on sale in China will be virtually the same model as released in the US, though you might expect some country-specific software changes (as Google services can be a bit hit and miss in China).

Inside, the Galaxy Fold is a 7.3-inch AMOLED display, but on the outside, that display shrinks to just 4.6-inch (think original iPhone size almost). With a large battery and powerful inclusions, there’s little doubt the Galaxy Fold is a good smartphone technically speaking, but the user interface … well that remains to be seen. Very few people have seen a Galaxy Fold in the flesh, and fewer still have touched or used it.

Whether it later comes to Australia or not .. who knows. I’m excited to see foldables and have time to play with them, but I have to admit – sorry Samsung – the design of the Galaxy Fold doesn’t interest me greatly.

Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

Chris has been at the forefront of smartphone reporting in Australia since smartphones were a thing, and has used mobile phones since they came with giant lead-acid batteries that were "transportable" and were carried in a shoulder bag.

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