In the current electronic climate, security of devices is becoming more and more relevant to even the most novice of users. Monthly security patches are being released by all of the major manufacturers to keep their software secure and protect your valuable data from those who would happily take it from you.

Samsung are upping their release speeds and have today dropped the March security update for the Galaxy S10e devices sold in Australia.

It’s great to see Samsung taking regular and timely updates seriously for their latest flagship range of devices, as we’ve seen in the past – it can often now be the carriers testing that holds up the delivery of updates.

Do you regularly update your device when patches become available?

Thanks: Jamie.
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    That is a slow roll-out for a new phone. It should have come in March.
    My two-year old Sony Experia Premium receive the March update in March … as did the other phone — a Nokia.


    Got the same update on my S10+ on the weekend also