We have seen OnePlus 7 leaks but it has been quiet for a while now. Just to keep our interest focused today we have seen renders of the phone by a case manufacturer leak, showing an amazing screen to body ratio, slim bezels and a pop-up camera.

Today’s leak doesn’t add much, if anything, to what we already know but it helps to reaffirm that the OnePlus 7 will arrive with some of the slimmest bezels we have seen on a phone giving it one of the highest screen to body ratios of any phone currently available. We can also see the pop-up selfie camera (and the hole in the case for the pop-up camera) – time will tell if the pop-up camera is durable and importantly take some decent photos.

So far nearly all information we have seen regarding the specs of the phone have been rumours and guesses and information based on what has come before it by not just them but also OPPO- their very close sister-company. The rear camera is expected to be a triple camera system with the main shooter a 48MP lens – based on OPPO’s previous phones.

Aside from that and the Snapdragon 855 there is not much else known. I for one am glad that OnePlus have managed to keep their upcoming flagship under wraps for so long, especially with the announcement expected in under two months.

In the meantime there is neither hide nor hair of any information about their upcoming 5G smartphone, said to be separate from the OnePlus 7 – we saw it in operation, and well hidden in a strange shaped case, at MWC. Either it no longer exists or it is being well hidden. We suspect well-hidden given the fact that if it has been cancelled that would have news in and of itself.

Would you consider importing a OnePlus 7 or a a 5G OnePlus phone assuming it supports our 5G frequencies? I know I sure as hell would.

Source: Gizchina.