On the back of releasing 4 variants of the Galaxy S10 family this year (standard, Plus, e and 5G) it seems that Samsung will be trying a similar strategy out for the release of the Galaxy Note 10 this year. If rumors are to be believed we’ll be seeing 4 variants of the stylus-packing device.

For the first time, Samsung may be releasing two different size options of the Note 10, the ‘standard’ Note 10 is expected to be around 6.75-inches and they will now be offering a “smaller” device at 6.28-inches. ( have to admit I think offering a stylus Note 10 device in a smaller package may be very well received.

It’s also rumored that both devices will be packing a quad sensor rear camera set up. With the Galaxy S10 not getting critical acclaim for its camera and devices like the Mate 30 being lauded as superb, it’s not surprising Samsung will bring a new camera set up to its next flagship.

Ok, that’s two models, what about the other two? 5G variants of the 6.75-inch and 6.28-inch device of course. Yep, we’re living in the crazy time where modem variations are creating more official SKUs. For those not wanting a 5G Note 10 this may save you spending a few extra dollars, for those wanting a 5G ‘future proof’ phone, this is definitely going to set you back an extra few.

Considering how far away the Note 10 Launch would be I’d take these rumors with a grain of salt, but I have to admit I’d be intrigued to see two size variants of the Note line, especially if they had basically the same specs, sans battery and screen size of course.

Source: Sammobile.
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Daniel Gray

A smaller version would be great. But camera is key for me, hope the smaller has 4 cameras still. Hoping all cameras are stabilised. A front facing camera with OIS would be my perfect phone, as I don’t have steady hands. As I keep my phones for 2 years, how relevant will 5G be?


Who “needs” 5G? all varients will be future proof.