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With Australia celebrating over a year since same-sex marriages became legal, having the legislation passed in December 2017 and same sex marriages becoming legal a month later in January 2018, a new, world first mobile app called Yess has been launched and created to help same sex couples to plan their perfect wedding with companies that support the LGBTIQ community.

The Yess app is free to download and use from both Google Play and App Store respectively (iOS Apple devices) and has been designed by Jill Burgess. Jill, the founder and managing director of the Yess app, used the service herself to help her plan her wedding to her long term partner of 21 years, Kim.

The app helped find the best suited celebrant, DJ, venue and even jeweler who are all supportive of the LGBTIQ community and same sex marriages.

The app has over 80 providers have signed up to offer their services which range from accommodation, bakers, beauty and hair stylists, car hire, caterers, along with dance tuition teachers, decorations, entertainment, DJ’s, celebrants, jewelers, wedding attire, photographers and wedding planners.

However, its not just limited to wedding services. The Yess app can also connect same sex couples to other services like digital services, financial services, florists, gym and personal trainers, home improvement, counselling and support services, massage and mediation providers as well.

The app basically connects you to these providers directly via instant messaging or through traditional phone calls. It can be accessed by anyone regardless if you’re Gay, Bi, Straight, Transgender, Intersex, Queer or even Straight and is not strictly limited to just weddings.

As someone who is still trying to plan his own same-sex wedding, having been with my partner now for well over 11 years, I certainly will be looking into this app to help plan the right and perfect wedding!

The Yess app is now available through Google Play (or the App Store for iOS devices) for free and you can download the app via the link below.

Source: www.getyess.com.

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