Counterpoint research have released some fascinating research numbers from Q4 2018 that shows both the Pixel 3 and Oneplus 6T have taken significant portions of customers from Samsung, Apple and to a lesser extent Motorola and LG.

Pixel 3 numbers

Perhaps the Pixel shows a new direction for the consumer market, seeking faster security updates, a stick interface or better hang for their buck vs having the later brand recognised phone. The numbers simply put are that over 50% of Pixel 3 owners are former Samsung users and perhaps more supportingly is the migration of users from Apple devices to Google’s own branded devices totaling nearly 1 in 5 users at 18%.

In total, 83% of users on the Pixel 3 phone have come from only 3 brands with a further 14% coming from Motorola devices as their most recent phone.

OnePlus 6T customers

The OnePlus range of devices have been gathering momentum for a number of years, their quality improving and they’ve clearly learned from mistakes made. The OnePlus 6T is their latest flagship competitor and the baby for buck it offers is supreme.

This information has made its way to the consumer market and copied with their US carrier deal made an impact on the market with 37% of their buyers coming from Samsung devices, 16% from Apple and 15% from LG.

At the price point they’re offering, the OnePlus 6T offers massive bang for your buck with solid – top end specs at a high, mid-range device price, so I can’t say I’m surprised at their growing popularity.

Despite the brand loyalties that many users show over time, these numbers demonstrate that when they don’t feel they’re getting what they expect and pay for that users will move away to an alternative device, brand and ecosystem.

Source: Counterpoint Research.
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    Shahil Prasad

    I found the linked counterpoint article more interesting. Not sure if q4 is the December qtr or Jun qtr in the states. Guessing Dec, due to the marketing relevance So Google spent advertising money in the period and won some customers. However the majority they got was Samsung s7 users. A far cry from winning over flagship users imo. And I can only assume that if someone is still rocking an s7 as early as 3 months ago, they’re not exactly exacting on their smartphone requirements. They had very little luck winning iPhone users who were also rocking a couple… Read more »

    Terry Daktyle

    Interesting as I recently bought a OnePlus 6T and very happy so far.

    BTW You might want to re-read the article specifically the over use of “bang for your buck”. Baby and hang.